Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blubberboy [Part 2]

Still no textures yet, just a simple ramp shader. Just finished setting up the facial deformations, here are a few renders. was only while testing them out, I realized there are quite a few mistakes that I gotta fix - some of the controls don't make sense, and I could've tied up the connections more efficiently :( ...anyway, that'll have to wait- my flight back to Sabah is tomorrow, will be gone all week, and since the new semester's coming up, there's still a lot of paperwork to do *grumble grumble*

Happy Chinese New Year, all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing With Matches fun, no matter how much your mum tells you otherwise.

Just trying out some matchmoving stuff, and trying to figure out workflows that make the whole process a lot less painful.

So now.. what should I put in these shots? Robots? Dinosaurs? Flying naked midgets? Hmm...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clearer than real life!

Thought I'd treat myself to a New Year's present, so I got meself a new toy. This. Is. So. Cool. I can't stop playing with it! The video quality is sharp as hell, and it performs better than I thought it would under low-light conditions. Hopefully I'll be using it in a lot more VFX-related work in the future.

QUESTION : What do you get when you cross a Tiger during Winter?

...give up? FROSTBITE!! Hahaha - get it? Huh? Frostb- ok, that joke sucked. *sigh* Anyway...

My first freelance project in 2009! But this isn't really it... everything down here is being scrapped and redone, that's why I'm able to post it. It's still a W.I.P., maybe will post the details and finished work when it's done.

Anyway, it's a Tiger [duh]. The client went to my wife first for her to make several designs of different animal mascots for their service/product and the tiger is one of the designs that made it. My part was to build the mascots in 3D and rig them up for animation and stills and stuff.

The challenge in this is that it had to really match the original 2D cartoon design - every pose that it makes needs to have a nice, smooth silhouette and all the deformations should still retain that 2D-ishness [?] of the original design. My favorite reference for that kind of stuff was Kung Fu Panda with their ultra-squishy 3D characters that behaved very 2d-like [no offense to WALL-E, but come on... Kung Fu Panda was wayyyy more fun!].

So these were the test renders to see whether the deformation rig would work or not [this is the model without the costumes on, since the main issue was body deformation]. At first I was going to do a full muscle-rig but then I realised that [*small voice* I wasn't being paid enough to go through that kind of trouble :P] So in the end, it came down to the normal careful weight-painting and a lot of pose-space deformers for corrective blendshapes.

Hopefully when this whole thing is done, I can post up the images a few months from now :D

Blubberboy [Part 1]

Next sem, I'll be teaching facial animation in class again - so I thought I might as well model another head to use as an example file [kinda getting bored with the old broken-nosed boxer model that I've been using in class for the past coupla years]. So here's Fathead - I just thought it'd be more interesting to rig/animate something with more volume and fat/muscle mass in the face, shifting around and stuff.

Modeled in around 2 hours in the office, took a bit longer than usual cos I was really being careful with the wire topology (need it to be fairly tidy if I want the nice deformations later on).

Will be updating with new posts on this guy as I move on to texturing, rigging and animating him later.

WEDDING PICS! [Part 3out of 3] KL Reception

Been meaning to post these up since a while ago, but got caught up with stuff that got in the way. Anywayz, here's the last smadgeroo of pics from the KL reception. Enjoyah! [thanks again go to Meester Jeppu for the pics!]