Saturday, May 17, 2008


OMG!!! No posts for over 2 months?! Ai...

Anyway, thought I'd share something from a job I got late last month. The only reason I can put this up is 'cos it was one of the early elements that got rejected/scrapped from the final. I'll put up the other stuff when the thing goes public on June 1st, all over Malaysia.

Anyway. The reason this thing was scrapped was cos it didn't fit in the color scheme & composition of what the client wanted. I ended up modeling 2 other dragon variations for the client to choose from, but more on that some other time.

Due to the short period of the project, this one was done really quick. 4 hours on modeling and around 5 hours to texture it (I really suck at color combinations - kept doing it, then re-doing it, and re-doing it again... and still not happy with what came out). Glad it got rejected, it kinda looks rushed, I like the final one better.

Anyway, here's some close up head detail shots:

And just to end this post, the source of inspiration for the dragon element. My cat (Tam-Tam) doing... something.