Monday, July 13, 2009

Quickie : Lemony *Snikt!*

Those of you who have been visiting this blog for a while should know that now and then, I feel bad for relying too much on Zbrush... so sometimes I just feel like tackling something old-school style, modeling completely in Maya.

So here's a cartoonish, Bruce Timm-like version of our favourite psychotic mass murderer. Gonna move on and model the whole body whenever I got some empty time to fill up.

*..ever wondered why Logan's teeth aren't coated in adamantium?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

GoZ! GoFasterZ!

Zbrush 3.2 with GoZ was just released!.... for Mac OSX users only. Only a matter of time before it swings the other way.. either that, or we gotta wait for Zbrush 4 :p

...but seriously... 3D workflow is forever changed with this stuff. Dammit - this is one of the times I wish I was a Mac user.

*Joe is clapping his hands jumping up and down like a little girl. He's THAT excited.

Goldfish Memory

I totally forgot about this guy.

Semester started around 3 weeks back, and things were already going into full gear - the rest of this guy [since the last update] was literally done in a couple of hours; I had to rush because the students were going to use this model for their assignment.

The total polycount for the whole thing was around 1500 - a lot of the details was lost because of this, but I wanted to make sure that this model was friendly to computers of all ages.

All maps were just 1k [AO, normal and cavity]. No time to do any colour textures :(

Super quick rig

Last thing to do was a deformation test to see how pose-able it could get.

So... that's it. Really unhappy with how this turns out 'cos it was rush job... but there are a lot of other university things I gotta focus my attention on [and other stupid things that keep coming back to haunt me... that's right.. I'm looking at YOU, stupid KPI monsters and MAPS contracting grrrr].

Dunno when I'm gonna be able to post up anything else.. I see lots of unpleasant things to do in the near future.

*Joe wishes he had 8 arms and 3 heads

What is the human up to now...

It's that time of the year when I'm teaching camera tracking again, so here's a couple of the example tracked footage that I cooked up this time round for class, both taken in/around my place.

Tam-Tam is not amused

I'm glad these worked out pretty well, requiring little to no fixing at all [this time round, I actually took measurements of everything, making it a bit more accurate.

...and, just for entertainment's sake :

Tam-Tam. Half cat. Half Demon.