Saturday, November 19, 2011

...Admiral Ackbar's Skinny Cousin?

"It's a trap!!!" <- obligatory

Still working on the Fishboy short with Nadia & Azman in whatever free time we have.

To start things off, Nadia sent me a base model with the proportions we all agreed on.

Then I sketched out the rough forms, trying to get a feel for the general body parts and basic look.

Once it was agreed upon, went ahead and sculpted some anatomy details in. Parts which are gonna be covered by clothing and gear are less detailed. Still a work in progress - all the tertiary details are still missing [scales, wrinkles, folds, webbing, etc.] and it doesn't really hold up to close-up shots... but banged out a couple of isometric renders for Nad & Azman so they can start doing some concepts for the clothes & equipment & color tests.

More to come, hopefully! Juggling so many things, I could be a circus clown.

*Joe still hears the 'Asteroid Chase' theme from Empire Strikes Back when he's rushing to the bathroom