Monday, September 14, 2009


*Yawn* Monday morning, class in a couple of hours, haven't slept much. Finished the leg yesterday. Now polycount is 1300, if you duplicate the leg for the other side [*gulp*.. it's creeping up]. After work, gonna work on the head & torso.

*Joe keeps hearing Ra-ra-Rasputin! in his head.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shake Your Booty

Oh my kosh-b'gosh. Not a single post since July?! Grr.. shame on you, Joe [*spank spank spank*]

Aaanyway.. yeah, I've been busy. With boring stuff. However, one interesting thing coming up soon is an exhibition that me and some others in the faculty are gonna participate in. My work deals with low-poly modeling, so I'm gonna be churning out a few characters for that event - no animation, just big big printouts.

I'm fascinated with low poly modeling [been trying for years to master it and still haven't come close to some of the stuff you see online] and I have the utmost respect for game artists - they manage to churn out some of the most awesome stuff using the least resources and make some really beautiful stuff using all sorts of dirty 3D tricks. Go ahead, check out I could get lost in that site for hours.

I just started modeling yesterday [what??! so late?! come back here! *spank spank spank*] and finished the boots for the first character (some kinda mechanical dude). The polycount is around 250, and all the details are through textures. I'll post the model in bits.. hopefully I can finish all four characters before time runs out [with Raya round the corner, and exam week, and all the stupid meetings during the student's holiday aiyooo.. things look grim].

Aaaaanyway. Back to spanking. *spank spank spank*

*Joe's ass looks like mangled play-doh after all the spanking... and you can take that image out of your head right now. No really. Do it. Now.