Friday, March 14, 2008

Particle Playground

I am sick. *cough*cough*

This week I had to teach a class on particles. I must have sounded like a frog. Since I haven't posted anything in a while, here's a little something I prepared for that class the night before.

And here's a bit-by-bit progression vid (for the small nerd that lives inside you).

1. Plain animated geometry
2. Light Trails added
3. Body smoke
4. Smoke trails
5. Rendered

Sort of inspired by Bravestarr (an old 80-s cartoon which apparently NONE of the kids in my class have ever heard of.. makes me feel so old). Sometimes Bravestarr goes to an old shaman for help, and he sees animal spirits in the smoke.

Might not be posting stuff up as often as before, gonna be busy working on a project for my capoeira group. If everything works out, there's something very special I'd like to invite all of you to :D