Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forgotten Work

Woah. Totally forgot about these guys. They were done near the end of 2009 [...holy crap. How time's fun when you're having flies]. My wife helped me with modeling the basemeshes for these guys when I was scrambling trying to get some other stuff done too [*muahs!*].

These models were done for a university art exhibition, my entry was focusing on low poly character models and the use of textures to add more detail than the geometry allows. I'm not putting up the final artworks, but these are the models used in the posters. So.. first up:

Mr Rock Golem. Weighing in at 1041 polys. This was the most... unplanned model. Was literally just a lump of rock with stuff extruded from it which ended up being the limbs and stuff.

Arrrrr. Or 'garrrrrrr'. Captain Redrumm, be weighin' in at 3001 polys. I know, I know.. 3000 isn't really that 'low' :( Very influenced from the pirate captain from the Gobelins 'Pyrats' short.

..and lastly, Samurai Sam [yeah, I know. Sam? Yup... Sam.] with a polycount of 2374 faces. This guy was slightly trickier than the rest because of all his accessories and costume details that weren't part of the body - had to figure a way to optimize everything.

*Joe needs to put up stuff as soon as he's done with them. He's a forgetful old man.


Mel C said...

Actually, pirate dude modeled after this guy:

Jijoe said...

aaa that's right! *was almost 2 years ago.. tak ingat sangat*

Samira said...

Firs time going through your blog! all artworks are nice but I love this one the best!